Summer Date in Newport, Rhode Island

One of my favorite ways to relieve anxiety is to wander around and take photographs. That is exactly what I did on Saturday with my boyfriend, Tommy, in Newport, Rhode Island. Living in Massachusetts for the summer has enabled me to explore tons of new places that are normally a five-hour drive away from home. I visited Newport once last semester with my sorority sisters, but it was much colder than we expected so we didn’t spend too much time walking around outside.

This time, Tommy and I spent about six hours exploring. Newport is a beautiful town that sits right on the coastline. It is best known for its mansions, especially The Breakers, which was built by the Vanderbilt family. We didn’t stop there on this trip, but you can see the photos I took there during my last visit here! Tommy and I spent most of our time on Thames Street which is filled with shops and places to eat.

Additionally, we walked up many side streets so I could photograph the old houses. Old buildings are my favorite things to take photographs of and Newport is filled with them. The oldest one that we saw dated back to 1704!

Newport is also filled with hydrangeas. Almost every house we saw had rows of hydrangea bushes growing outside of them. As I’ve mentioned before, I have a tattoo of a hydrangea on my back. Growing up in Queens, New York, I had a gigantic blue hydrangea bush outside of my apartment. My mom and I took care of it together and they are both our favorite flower.

After spending hours just walking around, we ate dinner at The Red Parrot which is located on Thames Street. I got the Yum Yum Shrimp and the name definitely explains the dish. I’ve been on a shrimp kick lately, and getting seafood by the water was a great decision. We, of course, had to get dessert at the Ben & Jerry’s that is located across the street. In addition to my ice cream, I picked up a Newport Ben & Jerry’s T-shirt because how could you say no to something so cute?

Walking back to our car, we had a beautiful view of the sunset over the water. I made us stop to have a mini-photoshoot because what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t?

Newport has a beautiful Cliff Walk that is located on the other side of town from Thames Street. We drove over and parked next to Forty Steps. True to its name, it is forty steps that brings you closer to the water. Although it was starting to get dark, it made the perfect lighting for photographs.

Needless to say, Newport was heavenly. Filled with old buildings and hydrangeas, it is definitely my dream town to live in. However, most houses come with a price tag of over one million dollars so I can’t say I can see that in my near future. I would definitely recommend Newport for a day-trip or a weekend getaway. To see the rest of the photos that I took, click here!

xo, Lauren