10 Ed Sheeran Songs You Should Be Listening To

Ed Sheeran

It’s no secret that I love Ed Sheeran. If you couldn’t tell by the stickers on the back of my phone or concert tickets hanging in my room, I think you could figure it out by his lyrics I have tattooed on my rib cage. While I’m a huge fan of his chart-topping songs like Shape of You and Thinking Out Loud, I think he has many amazing songs that aren’t given enough attention. Here are 10 that always make it onto my playlists!


  1. Save Myself // As someone struggling with their mental health, this song hit me hard when it first came out in March. It’s all about putting yourself before others (something I rarely do). My tattoo (“I’ve got to love myself”) is the very last line of the song.
  2. You Need Me, I Don’t Need You // This is my all time favorite Ed song. I can (almost) rap to the entire thing and he has sung it at every concert of his that I’ve attended. This song will definitely be stuck in your head for days.
  3. Eraser // I don’t know how to describe this song besides being a straight-up jam. Ed honestly reflects on his fame and the downsides of it. It’s almost refreshing to hear a song about fame that isn’t just hyping it up.
  4. Nancy Mulligan // I think this song is adorable. As he explained at his concert, it’s about his grandparents. Their marriage wasn’t approved of because of religious differences. Despite this, his grandmother is now 93 years old, has 8 children, and 22 grandchildren (Ed being one of them). This song is also super catchy and makes me want to go to Ireland.
  5. Happier // I would be lying if I said I haven’t sobbed to this song multiple times. It first came out when I was going through a semi-breakup and I was really able to relate to the lyrics. Even though I don’t cry anymore when I listen to it, it’s still one of my favorite tunes by him. I almost teared up when he sang it in concert.
  6. Wake Me Up // This was one of my original favorites of Ed’s. His metaphor for marriage, “I can do without a tan, on my left hand, where my fourth finger meets my knuckle” is creative and adorable. This song makes me smile.
  7. Kiss Me // I’m no music critic, so I’m just going to describe this song as beautiful. It’s very relaxing and once again, his lyrics are great.
  8. English Rose // This catchy tune was on the Wembley edition of X (Multiply). It’s about how he came to the United States to perform, but the woman he loves is still back in England.
  9. Perfect // In my opinion, this is the sweetest love song I’ve ever heard. I 100% want this to be the first dance at my wedding (sorry future husband, I’ve already decided).
  10. Take It Back // I view Take It Back almost as a sequel to You Need Me, I Don’t Need You. It has the same vibe to it which I love. All of his lyrics in this song are extremely clever, and he even points out how he was named worst dressed by GQ in 2012.


What’s your favorite Ed tune?

xo, Lauren

  • I LOOOOOVE Happier and Dive. I’m also a huge fan of Kiss Me and Drunk. I never took the time to look up the story behind Nancy Mulligan, but I always assumed it was about his grandparents. Ugh, it’s so cute!!

    • Lauren Pepperman

      I know, that story makes my heart melt!! Thanks for reading!