What I Loved in July

What I Loved in July 2017 // laurensjourney.comI’m definitely going to sound like every other blogger out there when I say I can’t believe that it’s August! That also means that it’s almost time to start my senior year of college. Yup, senior year. It feels like I was just entering college yesterday so it’s crazy to think I only have one year left (and I still have no clue what I’m doing).

Also just like every other blogger, I wanted to post about my July favorites! July was one of the most hectic and fun months of 2017 for me so far. I was able to try and experience a ton of new things (like traveling across the country by myself) which I’m so grateful for. It definitely had its ups & downs, but overall, July was a pretty good month for me.



July has definitely been the month of blogging for me. I’ve consistently posted twice a week (yay!) and have tried to engage more with other bloggers. I went from having a little over 200 Instagram followers to almost 350, and from 300 Twitter followers to 450! That is definitely success in my book. I hope to keep putting out content that I’m proud of and reach a larger audience in August.


Off-the-Shoulder Tops

Off-the-shoulder top // laurensjourney.com

I have always loved the look of off-the-shoulder tops but was never able to find one that was comfortable and didn’t ride up on my shoulders every two seconds. That is until I bought this one from Cotton On when I was in Los Angeles! It is extremely flattering and looks perfect with a delicate necklace. It’s also lightweight, which means I can wear it during the summer although it has long sleeves. I also bought the shirt in black which will be perfect for the fall!


Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran concert // laurensjourney.com
Ed Sheeran concert // laurensjourney.com

This month I took my mom to see Ed Sheeran as her Mother’s Day gift! We saw him at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When I found out he was performing in Philly the day before my flight to Los Angeles (which was out of Newark, New Jersey), I knew that it would be the perfect present. It may have been a little selfish of a gift considering I’m obsessed with Ed, too, but we both had a great time! This was my fifth time seeing him and I’m excited to see him again in Boston in September! I also wrote a blog post about my favorite songs by him which you guys should definitely check out!



Rabbit // laurensjourney.com

On June 25th, I adopted an 11-week-old rabbit! I named her Aspen and she has quickly become one of the loves of my life. She has been an amazing tool for my anxiety. She loves to cuddle. If I’m having a panic attack, she will sit on my chest while I pet her. One time she even licked my nose (I may have started crying tears of joy…). I’m still obsessed with my other rabbit, Stan, of course. He is more of a rambunctious rabbit while she’s calmer. At first, he was not happy to have another rabbit in his territory. He started to warm up to her over time, and after spending a five-hour car ride in a carrier together, they became best buds. Now they cuddle with each other! I moved them into the same cage and they love it.

Rabbits // laurensjourney.com



Did you guys do anything fun during July?

xo, Lauren

  • I love off-the-shoulder tops too and I’m so jealous you got to go to Ed Sheeran- I’ve heard so many good things about his concerts!


    • Lauren Pepperman

      He’s absolutely incredible! If you ever have the chance to see him, go!

  • I’ve been loving off the shoulder tops! So fun for summer!

    • Lauren Pepperman

      Thanks for reading!

  • SO jealous you got to see ed sheeran!! I love him! and aspen is too cute!

    • Lauren Pepperman

      Isn’t Ed so great??? Thank you, and Aspen says thank you too!

  • I’m so jealous you got to see Ed Sheeran! What a dream. Your rabbit is so cute!!!

    • Lauren Pepperman

      He is seriously incredible! Thank you!

  • Aspen is so adorable! Sounds like July has been a solid month for you. I’m impressed by two posts a week!

    • Lauren Pepperman

      Thank you! I know, I’m impressed that I’ve kept up with it too haha let’s hope that it lasts

  • So jealous about you seeing Ed Sheeran! I saw him back in 2013 because he played a few songs at a T.Swift concert but I’d love to see him again.

    • Lauren Pepperman

      He’s so talented! Thanks for reading!

  • the sophia diaries

    Omg, i’m so sad I don’t get to see ed sheeran in concert!!! And I’m glad your stats are doing so well <3

    • Lauren Pepperman

      Thanks, Sophia! I hope you have the chance to see him!

  • I’d LOVE to see Ed Sheeran in concert! So jealous! And congrats on the blogging milestones–keep up the good work!

    • Lauren Pepperman

      I hope you’re able to see him one day, he’s amazing! Thank you so much, Allison!

  • So many great things about this post! Congratulations on senior year. I just graduated and it goes by fast, so cherish every moment! I love going to concerts and I’m sure Ed Sheeran was awesome. Also, your rabbit?! So cute!

    Sabine | http://www.rinnyandbean.com

    • Lauren Pepperman

      Thank you so much, Sabine!

  • Ashley

    So jealous you got to see Ed Sheehan, I LOVE that you got to see him!
    Also so happy to hear you had a good blog month!

    • Lauren Pepperman

      Thank you, Ashley!

  • So jealous of your Ed experience! Also those bunnies are so so so cute!

    • Lauren Pepperman

      Thank you, Lauren! I know they’re adorable, sometimes they look like little stuffed animals!

  • You look so good in off the shoulder tops! I wish I could pull them off!

    • Lauren Pepperman

      Thank you so much, Alex! I’m sure you can! I didn’t think I could either, you just have to find the right one.

  • I love Ed Sheeran! You are really making progress with your blog!

    • Lauren Pepperman

      Thank you, McKenna!

  • I am seeing Ed Sheeran in September with one of my best friends! We have seen him twice together already I am obsessed xx

    • Lauren Pepperman

      Ahh where are you seeing him? I’m seeing him in September in Boston!

  • Jordyn

    So cool you saw Ed sherran and oh my gosh Aspen is completely adorable!

    • Lauren Pepperman

      Thank you, Jordyn!

  • Sounds like an awesome July! I’ve been loving off the shoulder tops lately too, and that one is adorable! And Aspen is so so cute, I’m so jealous, I’ve always wanted one like her!

    xx Jocelyn // lifeinaleotard.com

  • Loreal makes such great products!

  • Congrats! The school year will fly by, especially as a senior, enjoy it!

    • Lauren Pepperman

      Thanks, Alex!