End of the Summer Life Update

End of the Summer Life Update // http://laurensjourney.com

Hello, everyone! It’s been a while since I have sat down and wrote a non-structured and personal post. The day this goes up, it will be my last first day of classes as an undergraduate student! I am honestly not sure how college has flown by this fast, it feels like yesterday that I was applying to schools. I’ll save all of the sappy “I can’t believe I’m a senior” stuff for another post because today I wanted to chat with you all about how my summer was and what I learned.


Working & Interning

I spent my whole summer living alone in my college town in Massachusetts. I only returned home to New Jersey twice and both times I was only there for a couple of days. I spent most of my summer working & interning. I worked around 20 hours a week in retail and attended my internship with service dogs twice a week. I genuinely like my job and am grateful to have kind and funny co-workers. I’m continuing to work there during the school year (got to pay the bills somehow).

I honestly did not expect to like my internship as much as I did. Although I knew I would like it because I would be around dogs (an automatic ‘yay’ in my book), I had no clue how much I would learn. I thought I would spend most of my time doing tasks like entering data or returning emails. My position was very hands-on. I was able to work with the clients, observe phone calls, and help train the dogs. Additionally, I am now trained to foster the dogs! This fall, I will be interning once a week and be a relief-foster for the dogs (meaning that I will be able to take a dog when their primary foster can’t have them). I’m extremely excited to continue working with the dogs and the awesome people who work there.



This summer I visited California for the first time! I spent a long-weekend in Los Angeles visiting my friend, Anand. This was also my first time flying alone which I see as a giant accomplishment. I used to be terrified of flying, even when I was with someone who I trusted. I was able to conquer this fear last summer when I traveled to Israel and the UK but I still had major anxiety about flying somewhere myself. I had to take an extra anxiety pill (they’re prescribed, don’t worry) but I did it! I can safely say that I am no longer afraid of planes.

Additionally, I’ve been able to travel a lot throughout New England. I’ve visited many towns in Massachusetts that I have never been to, as well as Rhode Island and Vermont. These places would take a minimum of five hours to get to from my home in New Jersey, so they were much more accessible from western Massachusetts. My favorite town I visited was Newport, Rhode Island.


Mental Health

I’ve noticed a large shift in my mental health throughout the summer. Recently, I have been able to pinpoint what is making me anxious. My anxiety has been a lot more situational rather than constant. Being able to identify what is making me anxious has made it ten times easier to work through it. I still have days where I feel anxious and have no clue why, but for the most part, I am able to figure it out.


Moving Forward

It’s senior year! I’m finishing up all of my requirements and am on track to graduate on-time (as long as I take a winter class). I’ve started heavily thinking about what I’m going to do after graduation. My long-term goal is to become a therapist, hopefully for young adults. I’m still not sure how I am going to reach this goal but I know that it will have to involve graduate school. Right now, I have two plans that I am considering.

Plan #1: Take a year off after graduation and try to find a psychology-related job in western Massachusetts. Ideally, I could stay in the apartment I am already living in and live with girls in my sorority who will be seniors that year. Sometime this year I will take the GREs and apply to graduate school for the fall of 2019. I would like to attend somewhere in Boston!

Plan #2: Apply to graduate school in the United Kingdom. Since I wasn’t able to go abroad as an undergraduate, I think it would be awesome to get my Masters degree in a foreign country. You don’t need GRE scores to apply to schools in the UK so I would be able to apply now. Right now, I’m researching schools mainly in Scotland.


Yup, that’s everything that is going on in my life right now. I’d say that things are going fairly well! Right now I am trying to focus my efforts on figuring out my plan for post-grad life. How did you spend your summer?  Are you excited for the upcoming school year (if that pertains to you)?




  • Thanks for sharing your journey with your mental health! It sounds like you’re making big strides with your anxiety; wishing you all of the best xoxo Have a great senior year and enjoy it! 🙂

    • Lauren Pepperman

      Thank you so much, Camille!

  • Being able to complete graduate school in a another country sounds so cool. Even if you don’t do it right out of college you should definitely pursue it further down the line. It just sounds so important. In addition, I am so glad that you are able to find ways to deal with your anxiety. Mental health is so important and it sucks that people try not to talk about it. Thank you for all the information. It sounds so cool.