The Ultimate Relaxing Playlist

You know those people who have a separate playlist for every possible occasion? I am the complete opposite. I have one giant playlist entitled Singing in My Car that I made almost a year ago. It goes from Ed Sheeran to Kendrick Lamar to Mumford & Sons. There is absolutely no flow. It has enough music to get me through my five-hour drive home from school but I find myself constantly skipping songs because I am not in the mood to listen to them.

I realized that I have a playlist problem when I was in the shower; where I am physically unable to change the song without drenching my entire bathroom. I am not a shower-singer so I prefer listening to relaxing songs versus throwback pop songs. I would hear one James Blunt song and, bam, it’s Fergalicious time according to my giant playlist.

It hit me that I am horrible at compiling playlists, but it is never too late to change a bad habit! I actually took the time to put together a playlist of only songs that I find relaxing and shower-approved. It is also great for driving down backroads, I tested that out today.

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  1. Say You Won’t Let Go // James Arthur
  2. Bonfire Heart // James Blunt
  3. Time Of Our Lives // James Blunt
  4. Alive // Sia
  5. Photograph // Ed Sheeran
  6. Perfect // Ed Sheeran
  7. Happier // Ed Sheeran
  8. Hearts Don’t Break Around Here // Ed Sheeran
  9. Believe // Mumford & Sons
  10. Ribs // Lorde
  11. Sign of the Times // Harry Styles
  12. Sweet Creature // Harry Styles
  13. Now or Never // Halsey
  14. Malibu // Miley Cyrus
  15. Too Much To Ask // Niall Horan
  16. Paper Houses // Niall Horan
  17. Flicker // Niall Horan
  18. Mirrors // Niall Horan
  19. Castle on the Hill // Ed Sheeran
  20. Tenerife Sea // Ed Sheeran
  21. Kiss Me // Ed Sheeran
  22. Save Myself // Ed Sheeran
  23. Keep Your Head Up // Ben Howard
  24. Let It Go // James Bay
  25. Make Me Better // James Blunt

I’m glad that I finally have a playlist to listen to in the shower without wanting to skip every other song! The next playlist I am going to attempt to tackle is an upbeat one; let me know if you are interested in hearing that!