What to Do in Massachusetts: Salem

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I took a day-trip to Salem, Massachusetts for our six-month anniversary. It is actually today, November 21st, but we’re on Thanksgiving break so we celebrated early. One of our first dates was a trip to the Lizzie Borden house, so going to a probably haunted place seemed fitting. Can we appreciate that the only photo we got together was this one? You can’t even see Tommy’s face, whoops.

Salem is one of the most interesting towns I’ve been to. If you don’t know its history, Salem is the site of the infamous witch trials that happened in 1692. Nineteen people were hanged and one man was pressed to death. Salem is now commonly referred to as Witch City.

We went right after peak-season (October, of course) and on a chilly day, so it wasn’t super crowded. This was my third time visiting Salem so I already had a sense of what I wanted to do. Our first stop was Max & Dani’s house from Hocus Pocus. It isn’t in walking distance of Downtown Salem so I had never been there before.

Max & Dani’s House, 4 Ocean Drive

Hocus Pocus has been my favorite movie since childhood. It was awesome to see the infamous house in person! It honestly looked a lot smaller than I expected it to be, but it was still cool, nonetheless. After taking pictures and making too many Hocus Pocus references, we drove downtown. We walked over to the Salem Witch Museum but there was a giant crowd. At least I was able to get some pretty photos during our walk!

We walked over to the Witch House, which didn’t actually belong to a witch at all. It was home to one of the judges in the Salem Witch Trials. The house is nicknamed that because it is the only home still standing in Salem that has direct ties to the trials. The sun did not want me to get nice photos of this house (as you can tell by the photo of me and Tommy) but I did my best! It was built in 1642, 50 years before the trials began.

Witch House, 310 Essex Street

Another house from Hocus Pocus is steps away from the Witch House. The Ropes Mansion, now a museum, was Allison’s house in the movie. The mansion also has a garden in the back which I didn’t know until this visit! During my previous trips, I only took the time to see the iconic front of the house. We spent a lot of time roaming around the property and even got to meet a local pup named Butter (which is coincidentally also the name of Tommy’s rat). The inside wasn’t open when we went but I hope to see it someday!

Ropes Mansion, 318 Essex Street

Our next stop was the Old Burying Point, which is the oldest burial ground in Salem. There is also a memorial for all of the victims of the witch trial. This is another place I had never been in Salem because my mom refused to go there during our previous visits. She is not a fan of cemeteries!

Old Burial Point, Charter Street

After the burying ground, we went back to the Salem Witch Museum and actually got in. The entry fee is $12 for adults and includes a 45-minute presentation about the trials and another exhibit.

Salem Witch Museum, 19 1/2 Washington Square

We spent the rest of our time in Salem just wandering around and snapping pictures of the historical homes. I really wanted to go to Red’s Sandwich Shop because my mom and I had the best pancakes of our lives there four years ago. Unfortunately, they were closed by the time we tried to go. I would highly recommend checking them out, though! Here are the rest of the pictures that I snapped throughout the day:

The next time I visit, I want to go at night and take a ghost tour! We would have last weekend if it wasn’t freezing cold outside. November isn’t the prime time for outdoor activities in Massachusetts.

Have you ever been to Salem?



  • I have ALWAYS wanted to visit Salem. I’m actually thinking about planning a trip there for my fall break next year!!! Also, all these photos are so freaking gorgeous!! You are an amazing photographer girl

    • Yes, do it!! It’s only an hour outside of Boston so you can easily visit both in one trip! Thank you so much, Caitlyn, that means a lot to me!