10 Things I Am Thankful For This Year

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am spending my day at home in New Jersey with my parents and rabbits. I haven’t been home for more than two weeks at a time this entire year. That is crazy to think about considering one of my biggest anxiety triggers used to be being away from home. I’ve spent most of my year in Amherst, Massachusetts, where I go to school. I will be moving back to New Jersey post-graduation at least for a few years, so being away from home for a while isn’t that bad.

Today I’m going to be sharing 10 things that I’m thankful for this year, probably like every other blogger. I mean, what else is more fitting to post on Thanksgiving? 2017 has been a challenging year but I have learned so much about myself, my loved ones, and life in general. When I am going through a depressive episode I may not see much good in the world, but there are always things to be thankful for.


My rabbits: Aspen, Stan, and Ollie

am known as the rabbit girl, so how could I not be thankful for my buns? Aspen and Stan live at school with me and Ollie lives with my parents at home. Today I get to be with all three of them! They all have drastically different personalities. Aspen is a total lovebug; she loves to cuddle. Stan is more aloof but absolutely hilarious. Ollie bases his entire life around food. I love them all to death, even though Ollie only likes me when I have pellets in my hand.


My little, Bailey

Before I joined a sorority, I didn’t realize how special the big and little connection is. I thought it was exaggerated until I got my little, Bailey. She is the most kind-hearted person that I know. I know she is always a text or Snapchat away when I need her. We have the weirdest things in common, like how we both get cravings for ice water or the way we cross our legs when we sit. Anyone would be lucky to have Bailey as a friend, and I am the luckiest girl in the world to be able to call her my little.


Ed Sheeran

Is it weird to be grateful for a musician? He did inspire two of my tattoos, after allI also saw him in concert three times this year alone which was amazing. Ed is hands-down my favorite singer. His music always puts me in a better mood and he is such a talented performer. His new album, Divide, came out this year and I have sobbed to multiple songs off of it. Ed Sheeran may be my one true love (sorry, Tommy).


My boyfriend, Tommy

No matter how cliché it is, I am thankful for my boyfriend. The picture above was taken at one of the three Ed Sheeran concerts I attended this year. Tommy drove us seven hours roundtrip from Amherst to Brooklyn, NY to see Ed. He isn’t nearly as big of a fan as I am, so thank you for letting me see my favorite musician again. Our six-month anniversary actually just passed! Tommy has always been super supportive of me, especially when I am going through rough patches with my mental illnesses. I love you even though you burp a lot.


My parents

I only have a recent photo of me and my mom but I promise my dad exists, too! If you guys are reading this, thank you for caring about me even from 200 miles away. I know I can be over-dramatic a lot of the time but I appreciate everything that you do for me. Get ready for me to move back in this summer (and Aspen & Stan). I love you guys!


My friends

Feeling #blessed for all of my Butterfield friends (& the extended crew) and my sisters in Alpha Chi. I’ve had a super hectic schedule this semester and haven’t had the time I’ve wanted to dedicate to each and every one of my friends, but I hope they still know how much I care about them. I know I can go to any of my friends at any hour of the day for help and I am extremely appreciative of that.


This blog & the blogging community

I hesitantly shared my blog with my friends and family earlier in the year and I couldn’t be happier that I did! I have gotten so many positive messages and comments from people I know and strangers alike. People I know have told me they are going through similar things and my posts have helped them out. I would have never have guessed that they were also dealing with mental illnesses in the first place. I feel grateful that I am able to positively impact the lives of others through my blog!


Getting treatment for my mental illnesses

This year I started taking medication and seeing a therapist for my depression and anxiety. Although it took a while to kick in, the results have been tremendous. My junior year of college was the roughest year of my life but my senior year has been much better so far. Not every day is perfect, I still struggle sometimes. It is nothing compared to what it was before I started treatment, though.


My internship

I have the pleasure of interning with service dogs in training! I get to see clients getting their service dogs for the first time and becoming best friends. Getting to witness firsthand peoples’ lives being changed by dogs is amazing. Getting to pet the puppies isn’t bad, either.


My opportunities for the future

I am currently applying to study abroad for the four weeks this summer in Florence, Italy! If this works out, it will be the perfect way to finish my undergraduate career. I am also considering applying to graduate school or taking a gap year to work first.


What are you all thankful for this year?