10 Things Vol. 1


  1. My post-grad plans have changed a lot. I decided against going straight to graduate school and instead I want to take a gap year. The plan is to apply to jobs in New Jersey in the realm of social work, particularly pertaining to domestic violence. I want to apply to graduate school for Fall 2019 to get a Masters in Social Work.
  2. My first semester of senior year is almost over! I go back home on December 21st which seems so close. This semester flew by. I’m probably heading back to Massachusetts shortly after the new year to work.
  3. I’m almost 21! I am the youngest out of my friends so it will be nice to get to go out with them. I have no clue what to do on my birthday so please comment if you have any suggestions.
  4. I’m trying to go back to therapy. I stopped going for a while due to money and time constraints. My mental health definitely has deteriorated again (luckily, not to the extent of my junior year). Going back to therapy would probably help a lot. I just need to find the time and money!
  5. I’ve been digging the personal posts. They’re always my favorite to read on other peoples’ blogs and they’re becoming my favorite to write. Does that make me slightly narcissistic?
  6. My plan for winter break (before I return to MA) is to take loads of photographs. I want to go on solo-trips around New Jersey and Pennsylvania and just snap pics. I find this super relaxing especially when I do it by myself.
  7. It’s hard not to shop, but worth it! I will see a girl wearing a cute top in class and immediately wonder where I can find a similar one. It’s hard to snap out of the shopping mindset but I have been doing a pretty good job. No new clothes here!
  8. Okay, Taylor Swift’s Reputation is really good. I have been listening to it on repeat in the car and I have no regrets. My favorite songs are Don’t Blame Me and End Game (gotta support Ed).
  9. As the year goes on, I am realizing how sad I am to leave Massachusetts in May. 99% of my friends live here. What am I going to do in New Jersey? Catch me back in Amherst every weekend next year.
  10. really need to start eating healthier & going to the gym. I know I said this at the beginning of the summer but I never actually did anything about it. This will benefit my mental health so I need to implement a plan! My goal is to start this during winter break since the end of the semester will be really hectic.




  • Yass Don’t Blame Me is one of my favorites, too!! and happy early birthday! I’m sure you’ll find something fun to do 🙂

    • Thank you, Caitlyn!! Don’t Blame me is SO GOOD I love blasting it in my car

  • Airriaunte Mercer

    woahh so excited you’re a social work major too!!