21 Lessons I Learned in 21 Years


Yesterday was my 21st birthday! All of my friends in my year of college have already turned 21 since I’m a senior. I went to New York City public schools for 13 years of my life and there was no birthday cutoff. This led me to start school when I was 4 and not turn 21 until after the first semester of senior year. At least I’ll have one semester of college when I’m 21!

I’m jumping on the bandwagon of doing the x things you’ve learned in x years of your life. I honestly really enjoy those posts and wanted to write my own. I’m not wise beyond my years or anything but I think I do have some valuable things to share.


1. Choose people who choose you

2. Never put your life on hold for a boy (or girl)

3. Talking about anxiety and depression feels way better than bottling it up inside

4. Hard work always pays off

5. Rabbits are the best pets ever & my first one, Bunny, was one of a kind

6. Planes aren’t actually that scary

7. You are capable of living away from home

8. It is impossible to make a surefire plan for the future…you never know what will happen

9. The library is a way better place to study and do homework than your room

10. Massachusetts is as great of a place as you imagined…but it’s also really cold and you do not want to deal with that for the rest of your life

11. People are way too self-absorbed to notice things you are self-conscious about

12. Comparison is evil, just don’t do it

13. If you’re confused about something, there’s nothing wrong with asking questions to get clarification

14. Save money for experiences instead of spending it on material things

15. Do things to please yourself because you can never please everyone around you

16. Listening to Ed Sheeran will calm you down 9/10 times

17. Speaking of Ed, going to his concerts is always worth it

18. Everyone you know in real life will be encouraging of your blog

19. Always remember to stay on top of prescription medication refills

20. Forming relationships with your professors is super important

& in honor of my 21st birthday…

21. Never think that drinking an entire bottle of Barefoot by yourself is a good idea




  • Happy belated birthday! Love these x things I learned in x years kinds of posts because our lives are all about learning new things, about ourselves + the world! Definitely related to #8 and #15 in particular.

  • Melissa Manning

    Happy birthday!! Hope it was as wonderful as you are, miss you lots!! I really love reading your posts, keep up the good writing! 😀
    – Melissa

  • This was such a cute post! I’d have to beg to differ on #21 though 😉
    xo, G

    • Thanks, Gabby! Hahaha I did it once at it did not turn out well 😅