How to Keep Your Room Cozy & Positive During the Winter


If you notice your mental health decreasing during the winter time, you are not alone. There are fewer hours of sunlight and I find it nearly impossible to spend time outside. It has been averaging nine degrees Fareinheight in Massachusetts this past week! That is not my ideal outdoor temperature. Every year, my depression heightens during the winter. I can’t say that the season is the direct reason for this because I have never been diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). I’ve just noticed the trend.

One way I combat this is by keeping my room a cozy and positive environment. I spend more time in my room during the winter since I hate leaving my house in the cold unless necessary. I am normally the type of person to go out at least once a day, even if it’s to get coffee or go to the supermarket. Right now, I am hibernating.




I can’t keep anything alive (excluding my rabbits, I promise I am a responsible mother), so I opt for fake flowers. I have fake sunflowers, hydrangeas, and more scattered throughout my room. You can get them from Michael’s or Jo-Ann Fabrics for fairly cheap. There are also so many cute vases and pots you can put them in! I like keeping fake flowers in my room, especially during the winter, because it makes my space feel more alive.



I wasn’t a candle fan until this past year because I have an irrational fear of catching on fire. Now, I got one of those longer lighters so my finger doesn’t have to be anywhere near the flame. My favorite candle is Marshmallow Fireside from Bath and Body Works, it makes my whole room smell delightful! Being fire-conscious, I always make sure to blow out the candle in a timely matter.


Light Therapy Lamps

I’ve never used one myself, but I have heard light therapy lamps do wonders for those with SAD. They’re available on Amazon for as low as $40.


Fleece Blankets

I pretty much live in my fleece blanket. If it was socially acceptable to wrap it around myself and wear it around, I would. There is something about being engulfed in a blanket that makes me feel safe. So I can kind of live out my dream of wearing my blanket, my boyfriend bought me a robe that feels like it. It’s not 100% the same, but it will do.



This isn’t an option that everyone has, but I am lucky to have two of my rabbits in my room at school with me. Aspen and Stan live in a large dog crate directly across from my bed. I love watching them hop around my room or cuddle up together. Even when I’m not directly interacting with them, having them near me cheers me up. It is great to wake up in the morning and have them be the first thing I see.


Staying Clean & Organized

I’ll admit it, my room is normally a mess because I don’t spend a lot of time in it. When I’m here, I’ll just be throwing things around while I am rushing to get ready. Since I spent way more time in my room during the winter, it is important to keep it tidy. I get stressed out when everything around me is a mess. This is a work in progress because I am not the neatest person, but I have noticed a positive difference in my mood when my room is clean.






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  • Francesca Gariano

    Keeping my room clean and organized seriously keeps me in such a better mindspace. I can’t work on something if my bed isn’t made or if I have clothes out of place! I really need to start keeping more candles and flowers or something around though, it would make my desk/dresser spaces much more exciting! I really want to get some succulnets, but I might have to opt for fake ones because I killed a cactus once and cannot be trusted with even the most low maitenence plants LOL.

    • Lol same even my succulents are fake! I forgot to mention in this post but I have a bunch from TJ Maxx and Marshall’s!

  • Ryan

    Great post! During the winter I always keep my room clean, or else I get super stressed out because of the clutter! Fleece blankets and candles are a must have for being cozy during the winter. 🙂

    Ryan |

    • I honestly don’t think I could survive without a fleece blanket, it can be the middle of the summer and I will still be curled up with one haha

  • Absolutely LOVE all of these suggestions! I always struggle emotionally in the winter. Definitely going to be getting some fake flowers to brighten up my space (because I also have whatever the opposite of a green thumb is).

  • I am currently snuggled up in my fleecy blanket with my fairy lights on and yellow flowers on my desk! Sometimes it’s the little things that really make the difference 🙂

    I really want to get one of those lamps, i’ve seen one in argos/boots that is also a humidifier, so may look into investing. Thank you for this xxx

    Bumble and Be

  • This is such a good topic to cover!! One of the reasons I dislike dorms so much is because the light available from windows SUCKS. They need to put bigger or more windows in dorms.