10 Things Vol. 2


  1. Tommy and I finally booked our hotel for our spring break trip to Savannah, Georgia! We’ll be about a ten-minute drive from the center of the city. I’ve never been to a historic city south of Washington, D.C so I’m really excited to explore!
  2. I read a book for pleasure for the first time in at least two years. For a while, my anxiety made it super hard to focus on books. I was barely getting my reading done for school and definitely not anything extra. I read My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella. It’s relieving to find reading books enjoyable again because I used to love it growing up.
  3. I have been loving Joey Kidney’s main channel videos and vlogs. He is super relatable and I love that he talks openly about mental health. He has also inspired me to wear a little more yellow!
  4. My graduation plans are probably changing again. I know I mentioned before that I am slightly behind on credits to graduate on time (this spring). I was going to try to cram all of the credits in for my final semester but I know that will put a toll on my mental health and GPA. I’m not positive what the plan is going forward, but I will update you all when I do!
  5. Relating to graduation, I realized that counseling might not be the best route for me. I know that I want to help people who struggle with their mental health and/or survivors of domestic violence. I think I want to take a different path to helping besides becoming a therapist or social worker. What path is that? I’m not 100% sure! I thought they said you would know your future career path by senior year of college. Boy, whoever told me that was wrong.
  6. Since turning 21, I realized that there is no better way to end the night than drinking a glass of rosé and watching Gossip Girl. I’ve seen the whole series before, but I got Tommy to re-watch it with me. Barefoot makes my favorite kind of rosé, in case you were wondering (yes, I am a basic, cheap, white girl).
  7. I am planning to write a lot more fashion and beauty posts! I have just needed to find the time (and lighting) to photograph outfits, makeup, etc. Yay for new things!
  8. I haven’t mentioned this in a post yet, but I slightly re-did my blog! The theme is still the same, but I changed the colors and the header. I think it screams Lauren a lot more than my previous millennial pink.
  9. At the beginning of winter break, I binge-watched both seasons of Stranger Things and I’m hooked. I definitely understand the hype around the show now. If you haven’t seen it yet, I would highly recommend watching it!
  10. I can’t think of another thing to talk about, so enjoy a photo of Aspen showing off her Lionhead mane: